Tuesday, March 1, 2011


it's going to be quiet around here for a while. i had my baby a little over 2 weeks ago (she was early!) and life with her and a toddler is BUSY!!! wow. just the cloth diapering alone is insane as i now have twice the laundry to do! 

although i'm so busy and so exhausted i don't even know where to begin, being a mum of two is great. with one child, i was so obsessed with the state of his life...is he hungry? is he cranky? is he bored? why is he doing this? obsess obsess obsess. i didn't even truly appreciate how insane i was until i had my new baby. now i'm so much more relaxed...with both of them. i'm a more relaxed mum to both my toddler and my newborn because i always have my attention divided (which does suck sometimes...i often feel inadequate to one or the other during the day, but overall it's good). i do not obsess when my baby cries either because i'm usually pre-occupied with my son...either preparing food for him, changing his diaper, reading a book to him, etc. 

i've always been a person who is too much in their head, and my head can be a dangerous place. with two babies, i'm forced out of my head and always in action. and for now, it's a good way to be. my experience with my new baby is like my second chance at motherhood...she's a much more calm and relaxed baby (my first son was colicky for 3 months and i NEVER slept because i was always wearing him and bouncing him...literally NONSTOP FOR 3 MONTHS!) and i'm now experiencing what i always thought motherhood should be...full of love, excitement, cuddles, family, etc. even my toddler seems to enjoy life more now (although yes, he has his challenging days as he adapts to life with a baby sister) as he loves his new sister and loves to show her things, read to her, sing to her etc.

my only complaint is how tired i am. although i'm getting more sleep now than i did with my first newborn, being a mother to a toddler is definitely challenging on limited sleep. my baby is often awake when my toddler is asleep (isn't this always how it goes?) and there's less downtime as i'm having to keep up a house for a toddler (he still needs to bathe, eat, have his diaper changed, be sung to sleep etc...i can't put this off to have a cat-nap). but i'm confident it'll work itself out. which is huge for me because with my first baby, i honestly did not believe that anything would ever work out. 

it helps that i have so much family support as i'm still living at my mum's while our house is in the process of being built. 

so anyway, i probably wont post much on her for the next while. i have had time to knit while baby is breastfeeding and i recently finished a pair of baby booties. i'm also working on a pattern for a pair of fingerless mitts knit in garter stitch (my obsession with garter stitch continues after making so many tomten jackets). i will post photos of the mitts later but here's a photo of the booties.

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