Friday, February 11, 2011

swapping head services

just some photos of a lovely hat i knit for my long-time friend who also happens to be my hair stylist. we both enjoy visually enhancing the heads of others...she does it by creating art with hair, and i do so by creating art with yarn. it seemed like a good trade, so here we are. this hat is one of my favourites to knit and can be found here on ravelry. i used some beautiful noro kureyon yarn and big needles to build this subtle but chunky cabled hat. i sewed on an oversized brown button, as seen in the top photo (but unfortunately, not very visible due to the bad lighting in that particular photo). the result looks great on my dear friend. and the hair cut was amazing, though it's hiding under the hat :)

with having a new baby on the way, i figured i'd chop off the hair again, just like i did for isaac...long hair is too much work. evolutionary psychologists have hypothesized that long hair is a sign of fertility and health, which is why it's so attractive to men. well, i think that the existence of my offspring is (including the one on the way) sufficient evidence that i'm healthy and fertile. maybe keeping my hair short will be adequate birth control for the future? har har.

less than 2 weeks until the due date. i'm ready right now. lets get this show on the road!!

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