Monday, November 5, 2012

sweater season

Has it really been 4 months since I last posted/since the poo-in-the-tub incident? Wow. I really have no time and cannot recall where time has gone. I finished this sweater project a couple of months ago (not to mention several other projects) but have no time to blog about any of it. 

I really appreciate how much time people put into their blogs. For me personally, I struggle to find a few minutes in each day to commit to crafting and finding the extra few to document/write about/photograph/edit it is nearly impossible! My life is as ADD as my much disorganised input, several things going on at once, utter chaos, missed appointments, forgetfulness, incomplete thoughts and sentences. etc. I once heard that your external world is only as organized as your internal one...which explains everything for me. But I digress...

Admittedly, blogging has been put on my back-burner. Well, it always sort of was, but now it's been put on the backest of back burners. Having chosen to home-educate my pre-schooler, a lot of my free evening time is spent researching activities for us to do, usually in the theme of a letter of the alphabet. Although it eats up a lot of time, I do enjoy the task. I love finding new ideas and then sharing them with my son. I have observed that his desire to learn is long as I am creative and present the material in a fun, non-traditional-school-type way. Books are his strongest passion, we can sit and read forever it seems. But he loves alphabet activities, numbers and art. And he loves learning about new music, thus far his favourite being Louis Armstrong (about whom he learned when we were doing the letter A-themed activities).

Because he is only 4, formal teaching is kept to a minimum, but our entire day is spent with education in mind. There are always opportunities to talk about numbers, basic reading stuff, basic science, history etc. And he eats it up. Play is of utmost importance; however, with our recent dump of snow, my concern is keeping him active indoors as he quickly becomes a whirlwind of crazy if he doesn't burn his endless stream of energy. Again, activities have to be fun and appear spontaneous; any hint of careful planning and/or inflexibility evokes his counterwill and a firm refusal of the activity. Emotional intelligence is something else we work on, which I am learning right along with him given that I have a lot of emotional maturity to do myself. 

Anyway, back to the sweater. The above photo features a sweater made out of sock yarn (i.e. it took forever because the yarn is so fine), a gorgeous shade of pink that I could not refuse when I saw it at the local yarn shop. Here's the link to the designer's blog. I made the sweater a bit too big, a common theme in my sweater knitting. I deliberately increased the length somewhat so as to cover my bottom when paired with leggings. Overall a comfy and satisfying knit, though I do wish I knit the smallest size so that it was a bit more fitted. Ah well. It will do!

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