Thursday, July 5, 2012

apple sauce muffins

Last autumn Shawn's friends were kind enough to give us a huge box of their back yard apples. So I made apple sauce, apple sauce and more apple sauce (these tart apples that grow up here make the best apple sauce and pies) and canned it all. I canned so much that we hardly made a dent in the collection by the time spring hit. 

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and one of my favourite things to eat in the morning is freshly baked muffins, so naturally the excess apple sauce burning a hole in my cupboard fit perfectly into this picture. I found this recipe on pinterest and tweaked it a bit. 

Dividing the recipe into two, I substituted the suggested 1.5 cups white flour with 1 cup whole wheat, half cup white; instead of 3/4 cups of white sugar, I did closer to 1 cup; and I added 1 teaspoon of vanilla as well as increased the cinnamon. I did not use walnuts, but I'm sure they'd be great. When combining the dry and wet ingredients, I folded gently until JUST mixed, which creates the light fluffy muffins that I love. 

The end result: delicious, flavourful, and most importantly moist muffins ever. These easily rival my famous banana bread (muffin) recipe and the best part about that is that apples grow right here in our own back yard. Yum. Best enjoyed with fried eggs, lots of fresh fruit and fresh ground coffee. The stuff that dreams are made of! I rate this recipe a 5 out of 5!

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