Sunday, November 6, 2011

it's november!

so i'm at the in-laws and have snuck away to write a quick post because my baby is asleep on the bed in the next room and my son is playing with his cousin and i forgot my knitting needles...what better time to do a little typing!

so i've been doing a lot of thrift store shopping and have made LOTS of scores lately! cashmerino and angora yarn, whole seasons of deadwood (still have to catch up on this series which everybody raves about), amazing deals on kids clothes...and recently, these totally adorable plates! i couldn't resist. in our attempts to keep down on clutter (i can't escape clutter, i think it's in my genes), i'm swapping them for plates i already have, which i will donate. yay organization!

also, i wanted to post halloween photos! i found this great blog which inspired me to make my own cardboard thomas costume. like most 3 year olds, my son loves thomas and after seeing the lame assortment of thomas costumes available, i decided to create my own. here's the blog. and here's some photos. 

and finally, here's my latest knitting project. it took nearly 3 skeins of Cascade 220! lots of yarn. but lots of easy garterstitch. and it's one of the most gratifying projects i've ever knit! so comfy, so cute and so incredibly practical! the wind never sneaks into my neck anymore. i think i might be done with the toque/hat combo, at least on a day-to-day basis. this will be my go-to protection from the cold. the patter is called "loxley" and can be seen here on ravelry.


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  2. thank you for not saying "it's Movember!!". Love the new hat scarf thing. and such a good costume for iz. love you long time sister. xO

  3. nothing can make mustaches cool...except maybe a perm and a turtle neck.

    miss you sister.