Wednesday, October 12, 2011


so it's officially my favourite time of year!! the transition from summer to winter...i love the colours, the smells and the chill in the air. as much as i love the warmth and life of summer, i admit that by the end of august i'm excited about pulling out the sweaters, toques, wrist-warmers, boots etc.

last week, my son and i picked leaves and set them aside to dry. then we took out some wooden beads that i bought at the victoria swappy a few months ago for super cheap and we strung them onto knotted string. he choose the colour scheme. then he and his teddy bear helped me clip the dried leaves onto the string and we hung them up today!

i just finished a sweater for myself. it was super-easy, just straight stockinette with simple increases and round knitting. i knitted it while the kids played in the grass and while watching true blood and curb your enthusiasm. does everyone agree that this season of true blood was by far the greatest? 


  1. thanks sister. nothing beats a sweater made out of yarn that was on sale.