Sunday, January 9, 2011

i'm gonna give you everything.

i've been in a creative (and lets face it, an emotional) funk lately, hence the lack of posting. i've been feeling pretty shitty physically (pregnancy back pain) and i completely lack energy. so rather than think of a post, i decided to let you in on the progress of my pregnancy through photos...a pretty typical thing for pregnant mums to do, but something i have been somewhat hesitant to do. perhaps it's that i don't like to draw attention to myself (people at work know that i neither announced my pregnancy nor announced my exit into the abyss of maternity leave...not to be an asshole but simply because i just don't like to make big announcements).

anyway, i decided to just bite the bullet and post the photos, mainly for those people in my life whom i no longer see regularly (there's recently been a mass exodus of my lady friends, all moving from northern BC to bigger, brighter [more southern?] things and places. which i admit, has contributed to my recent funk). i've been missing them a lot as of late...their absence has been particularly salient to me these last few weeks. so here you go dear friends, (particularly D, B and A) wish you were here with me.  

p.s. i'm just shy of 34 weeks at this point...i will hopefully get around to taking a few more photos before this new one is born. 

p.p.s. i'm pretty fucking freaked out about having a newborn in my life again and my new identity as a mother of two. i know i will love the baby dearly but do i have the capacity to be that sleep deprived again? (for those who are unaware, my first-born did not let me sleep for 6 months...needless to say i was an utter mess). 

p.p.p.s i worry about how my 2.5 year old will adjust. i'm going to miss what we have (our little routines that i live for) and i feel really guilty about disrupting his little life.

10 weeks
12 weeks
15 weeks
26 weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks


  1. You look great! :) I'm really happy for you and your family. Congrats on the pregnancy.

  2. Awwww ... I didn't know you were pregnant again! Congrats, Alex! I'm excited for you guys! :) I'm sure you'll get more sleep this time around, too!

  3. oh sugar, i miss you terribly too!! i wish i could be around to cuddle your pregnant belly and hold your babe so you can sleep. XO

  4. I miss you, too. You look beautiful, you're a great mom, and it will all work out. Sleep now while you still can. :) xoxox.

  5. You look fantastic! I am expecting as well....twins! :) I already look 30 weeks though I'm only 21. If you feel like getting together for a coffee/tea/knit/bitch/whatever just message me :)