Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i'm addicted to baby sweaters.

i seriously can't stop. i've knitted 3 sweaters for the new baby and am now madly working through a tomten jacket for my toddler (i recently discovered the tomten jacket pattern and i'm IN LOVE. straight knitting, no purling and hardly any seaming. and it's SO CUTE). i've also whipped up baby legwarmers and a newborn hat (will post later). every spare minute i have, i have needles in my hands manipulating string into fabric. is it nesting? maybe. i'm not in my own space so it would make sense that this time i'm madly knitting, rather than madly cleaning or baking.

right now i'm working on a swap hat (my girlfriend cut my hair today and it's AWESOME...traded for a lovely noro wool slouchy hat that i hope to start and finish in the next week) as well as the toddler jacket...i also hope to complete baby booties and finish a pair of socks that have been hibernating for a while. i was also excited to make baby knitted pants/soakers but we'll is due in 4 weeks!! ack!

anyway i'm super tired and can barely focus on the screen let alone type comprehensible i'm off to bed. here's hoping my toddler doesn't have any bad dreams tonight and that i pee no more than 5 times tonight...

6 monthish sweater...i improvised this pattern from two other infant patterns.
classic elizabeth zimmerman tomten jacket...6-9 months probably.

tomten jacket number 2...newborn!


  1. I especially love the patterned/improvised 6 monthish one! They're all so sweet!

  2. me tooo!!!!! so talented chis-cher...