Friday, December 10, 2010

i got gas...and electricty.

that’s right…gas and electricity are FINALLY hooked up at our house. yesss!!! that means we can pour some of our cement slabs (we’re doing all cement floors) and back-fill so that we can actually show people our house in the normal-person way…by walking in the front door, rather than convincing them that they wont die if they walk across a 2X10 board over an infinite, and not-so-safe-drop.

and we’re at lock-up! for those of you who have never built a house or have no knowledge of building mortgages (not to worry if you don’t…trust me, you do not want to join this exclusive elite simply to obtain this specialized knowledge), building mortgages work in a non-traditional way. that is, you do not get approved for a mortgage and then take the money and run; rather, you get approved for a mortgage and they gave you money in number of stages, or pay-outs…the size of the pay-out is proportional to your progress. in the case of “lock-up”, we have a standing structure, with a roof, doors and windows that “lock” (so teenagers can no longer throw parties in my house and paint obscenities on our framed walls…yes this happened) which the assessor deemed to be 44% of completion (no extra money was given for the obscene art painted by aforementioned teenagers, but no penalty either, yes!). 

so that means that next week, we’ll get 44% of our mortgage…that’s a lot of money! we expected to get only 40%...the extra 4% is a much-needed and awesome bonus. now we can pay off all the people who lent us money to get this project started (thanks mum, mother-in-law, visa and home equity, you’re fucking awesome. I owe you all a hand-made pair of socks.or interest, whatever you choose…keeping in mind that money doesn’t keep your feet warm. I’m just saying). and we'll even have money to move forward a bit! yay drywall! yay insulation!

anyway, it’s nice to have good news isn’t it?

I’ve been meaning to post photos of the mummy-toddler mitts I designed and made last month. I’m not going to bother putting up a pattern I don’t think…it’s so basic it’s embarrassing. what makes them awesome is the yarn! I bought it at some cute little yarn shop in Edmonton this summer (can’t remember the name, how lame is that). anyway, I was knitting a pair for myself and my son came up to me and said “mummy, i wants some too!”. so I made a pair for him as well. of course he refuses to wear them 78% of the time (no mitts mummy) because he hates to have anything cover his beloved thumb, which he sucks, oh, about 78% of the time. 


  1. Hooray!! So glad to hear good news!

    (We have a no mitts person here, too. So annoying.)

  2. i like the bit about interest or socks.
    oh what the world would be like if our currency was in knitted goods.

  3. i know! i always say: you can't knit paper. actually, i've never said that before, but i think i'll start.