Monday, December 20, 2010

baby it's cold outside (highs of -17 C)

toddler craft time!

who knew the holidays would be so much fun with a toddler? usually, i'm annoyed with the holiday season mostly due to the frenzy to buy a bunch of shit that nobody needs that costs an insane amount of money. you know how it is...people's shopping carts loaded with trinkets and plastic stuff that we all know is going to be going to the landfill within 6 months; the holiday line-ups and angry people totally stressed out by their lack of time and blind obligation to participate in the hurried mess of the season; large amounts of debt racked up in the name of proving to everyone just how much we love them. etc. 

all that non-sense aside, lets return to my opening question: who knew how much fun the season could be with a toddler? he has a way of bringing "christmas" back into christmas. being around him at this time of year, i experience all the magic of the holiday from the perspective of a child. to him, it's all new and all so incredibly fascinating! like just enjoying the weather (sleigh rides, yay!), enjoying the baking, the singing, and the lights. he can't get enough of the baking, the crafts (his absolute favourite), the decorating, and especially the cartoons (he loves the grinch and little cindy-loo-hoo). even the endless christmas songs, santa figurines and snowmen! and the shopping...he even likes being at the mall this time of year because of all the people. it's incredible just how much he loves the season...and how i'm starting to love it again too. 
delicious short-bread decorated by my monkey

i've attached some photos of the holiday fun we've been son can't get enough. what am i going to tell him when the new year hits and all the magic disappears? 
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"gingerman" hearts

hand-made ornaments!
more hand-made ornaments!

daddy and son cutting cookies.

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