Tuesday, November 9, 2010


it's about time.

for 2 summers, i've been wanting to start a blog...namely, a gardening blog, detailing the trials and complexity of gardening in BC's central interior. we went from having a conventional lawned backyard to having it full of fruits and vegetables. and i wanted to inspire others and provide information on how to do the same!

however, lack of time prevented me from properly documenting every step and/or creating a blog. so it never happened. 

recently my partner and i were discussing our wishes to become more self-sufficient as we are both employed by northern health authority and have both come uncomfortably close to losing our positions due to lack of funding in the last year. scary! so we've been coming up with ways to make money on the side. 

i love to knit and one of my ideas was to make more of a creative effort in my knitting and possibly...possibly...attempt to make money off it in the future. i have in the past, knitting baby things for a variety of people and it proved to be a hobby that paid well...at least covering most of the cost of my yarn addiction. i'd like to return to that in the future. and to also get my creative juices flowing again(which were largely stunted by my experience at school)  and try designing simple patterns.

my hopes for this blog will be to document my knitting adventures, as well as adventures in other realms of home economics (i.e. i'm going to be moving out of town in the next year and with that will come my migration from a zone 3-4 growing season to a zone 2-3. i'd also like to include the learning curve that goes along with that. and anything else crafty that comes my way). 

stay tuned!

this is a photo of a recently completed project. the pattern is from the lastest debbie bliss magazine (winter 2010). here's the ravelry link which has all the details!