Tuesday, November 16, 2010

big fish

EDIT: apparently the old link to the pattern does not work anymore so i have pasted the pattern directly onto the page. let me know if anything didn't transfer properly or if you have any questions. email me at lux.arnott@gmail.com or contact me through ravelry.  
exciting news. i've finally gotten my shit together and created my own knitting pattern! totally from scratch. my brother-in-law asked for a colour-work hat. i looked up patterns online and wasn't really happy with what i found...so i just decided to create one myself! he's an avid fisherman, hence the idea to use fish. i'm posting it on ravelry for free! yay!

thanks to my lover for providing feedback on the fish grid. 

see below for pattern:

a simple colour-work pattern on superbulky yarn sure to satisfy the fisherman in your life. made with an acrylic/wool/rayon mixed yarn, this hat is machine washable and can be put in the dryer on low – a bonus when gifting to a no-nonsense kinda person (like my brother-in-law, the inspiration for the design and the recipient of one of these warm hats).

skills required/abbreviations
cast-on (i used long-tail)
k – knit
p – purl
m1 – make one increase
k2tog – knit two together
st st – stockinette stitch
pm – place marker
sm – slip marker


9.5 sts/4 inches in st st.


-          size 9 or 10 mm  16 inch circular and/or double pointed needles…whichever size gets gauge.
-          7 stitch markers.
-          3 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (or equivalent). this pattern used less than one skein EACH of Grey Marble (MC, or main colour); Charcol (CC1, or contrast colour 1); and Fisherman (CC2, or contrast colour 2).
-          darning needle for weaving in ends.


-          cast on 48 sts in MC. join round, being careful not to twist stitches. pm to indicate beginning of next round.
-          k 6 rows in 1X1 rib (k 1, p1).
-          k 2 rows in st st.
-          switch to CC1, *k6, m1* repeat to end of row (56 st).

next step:

-          follow chart (9 rows make up the chart). repeat chart for a total of 4 times. when doing repeats of an unfamiliar chart, I find it helpful to place markers in between each repeat to ensure everything lines up properly.  also be sure to knit loosely when doing colour-work knitting.













-          switch to CC 1 and k one row
-          switch to MC and do 4 rows st st. on the 4th row *k8, pm* repeat to end of row.

decrease rounds

1)      *k6, k2tog, sm.* repeat to end of round. (49 sts).
2)        k.
3)      *k5, k2tog, sm.* repeat to end of round (42 sts).
4)        k.
5)      *k4, k2tog, sm.* repeat to end of round (35 sts).
6)      *k3, k2tog, sm.* repeat to end of round (28 sts).
7)      *k2, k2tog, sm.* repeat to end of round (21 sts).
8)      *k1, k2tog. remove markers as you go.* repeat to end of round (14 sts).

break yarn, leaving at least an 8 inch tail. pull through remaining stitches on needle and then secure by weaving on the wrong side of the hat. weave in any remaining ends throughout the work.


this is my first pattern (and my first attempt at drawing out a chart) and i wouldn’t be surprised if it is utterly senseless. email me at lux.arnott@gmail.com if you have any questions. this pattern is for personal use only, please ask my permission if you wish to knit this hat for profit.


  1. That's great! Love the fish... :o)

  2. i just realized that last week i spent almost an hour going through ravelry's pattern database looking for a pattern just like this for the rest of my scrap chunky yarn! hahaha. i'm going to cast it on soon. XO

  3. great! let me know where clarity is lacking and i'll fix it. it's hard to assess your own pattern!

  4. I sent you a message on Ravelry, but I thought I'd ask you here, too, in case you see this before you go on Ravelry again. I did a couple variations on your lovely pattern using Wool-Ease Worsted instead of Thick and Quick. To save others who might like to do the same from having to do the math, would you mind if I did a blog post with my variations? I will certainly give you credit for the original post and link to this blog entry. (I'm StoneHen on Ravelry.)