Saturday, February 18, 2012


i've been SOOOO behind in documenting my knitting projects in any way....i knit these mitts in december out of necessity for my daughter who desperately needed mitts. they're great little thumbless things which took no time at all to whip up. they're so much like other simple mitts that i didn't bother writing them out, but they're simple garter stitch knit back and forth. i casted on 20 and after an inch or two, increased to 25 for a few rows, then decreased evenly 5 times, and every other row thereafter. this was all done with worsted weight yarn and worked out perfectly for her dainty little hands. i finished off with an i-cord string to keep them together (it's mid february and  haven't lost them yet!). 

i promptly knit another pair of stripey ones for her gorgeous little cousin and gave them to her for christmas.

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