Sunday, September 4, 2011


only have about 3 minutes to update this's a few photos of the latest knittng projects plus some photos of the house, which by the way, we're living in (yay!). i've had so little time to do anything but basically exist....we moved into our new house, which means we moved stuff from our old house AND my mum's house, where we were staying. and the whole process, with two young children in tow, was overwhelmingly time-consuming! 

now we just have to tame our yard, which is OUT OF CONTROL, which you can observe in the photo below. also take note of the huge southern exposure windows! we hope to use as little heat as possible this winter as the low southern sun shines its beauty indoors! we installed radiant floor heating (no forced-air furnace system!), with a super-efficient gas boiler that heats the water which runs through the floor (well, runs through tubing in the floor). 

and on to the knitting, of which there is little...
baby shorts

summer scarf

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