Saturday, May 28, 2011

so busy

here's what i've been upto lately knitting wise. i don't have much time anymore as baby is getting bigger (3 months!), toddler is getting challenging (tantrums, obnoxious behaviour etc) and...yah, that's basically it. oh and we're still building a house. we just got back from the lower mainland where we visited family and bought our cabinets. so we're installing them now, as well as baseboards, trim etc. it's almost entirely painted! when the place is less of a mess, i'll post photos. 

i'm definitely feeling the, oh i don't know the word, hmm....commitment? of having 2 children. like i have no time for myself anymore. and i wont complain extensively, life with two children is mostly good. but basic fighting to have showers, not having time to exercise, sneaking in a few pages here and there of reading but nothing else, almost not knitting at all, delayed responses to emails, wishing i got more sleep. oh, and yes so typical, looking like crap all the time. and i know it'll be over soon so i try...really hard... to stay present and focused and enjoy them while they're young...because before you know it, they wont need me nearly as much and i'll have time to do all the things i long to do now. 

in the mean time, here's some photos of some of the craftiness i've been upto lately. oh and my previous post included photos of my latest design. i've had thousands of hits to my page with people looking at the pattern...i feel so honoured that people actually time out of their day to check it out! 

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  1. You are such a great Mommy, love and sacrifice. Keep up the good work...I know you will knit up a storm in the future.